1927-D BUFFALO 5C MS66+

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Like much of the 1920s, the United States continued on its upward successful path through 1927 while the rest of the world faltered. 1927 successes included small inventions, like the first complete television set created by Philo Taylor Farnsworth, to huge technological advances like Charles A Lindbergh’s successful transatlantic flight from New York to Paris. Simply out the U.S. lived large and were therefore able to fund several domestic and international projects. One such domestic project was the first high system through Denver, home to our coin, which allowed the federal government to create an organized numerical system for all U.S. highways.
International intervention and participation was not uncommon this year either. The United States, thanks to its solidified foundation, was often called in to aid in international affairs in 1927. For example, by January 6th the escalated conflict between Latin American countries and intra-country conflict landed several thousand U.S. marines in Nicaragua to establish order. On the eastern side of the globe, the Chinese civil war raged to new heights so 1,000 marines had to be sent to protect U.S. assets from destruction as well. Through all the clashes, peace was also a common theme in 1927 too. The United States managed to start diplomatic relations with Canada and restore relations with Turkey since their split after WWI.
Even through the ups and downs of 1927, U.S. currency remained as strong as ever, while the rest of the world struggled economically. Several million coins were produced by every major U.S. mint, despite some small imperfections in the newer mints. The Denver mint, for instance, had more difficulties than the San Francisco mint with proper coin production. Many coins struck in Denver were not full strikes due in large part to limited supplies and incredibly worn dies. Many of the 1927 strikes are difficult to find in excellent or gem condition because of this.

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