Liberty Seated Dimes

No Stars Obverse (1837-38)

The decade of the 1830s was shaped by Andrew Jackson’s stormy presidency. The former frontier general and hero of the War of 1812 enjoyed a special place in the public’s heart in an era when military heroes were national celebrities, not unlike movie or sports stars of today. Jackson viewed himself as the champion of ordinary people and democracy, but he governed with an iron will and presided over radical changes in the way government worked.

His wild and woolly monetary policies, curbing the extensive use of paper money, surely helped to bring on the banking Panic of 1837. Under his administration however, the United States grew from adolescence to adulthood, setting a course that by 1849 expanded the country’s borders to the Pacific Ocean. By the end of the “Jacksonian Era” in 1837, the United States was ready for a change in coinage design that reflected its new power and prest.... (Expand Text)