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Steven L. Contursi


Based in Laguna Beach and Napa, California, Steven L. Contursi has built Rare Coin Wholesalers’ foundation on the values of integrity, honesty and hard work. It all started when Steve was a paperboy who helped support his single mother while using the remainder of his proceeds to collect coins. This early childhood hobby fueled Steve’s passion for owning a tangible piece of American History. As a teenager, Steve learned how to arbitrage professional coin dealers in The Bronx, where he grew up. Numismatics may not be rocket science, but holding a degree in physics helps Steve focus on the crucial small details that can make a huge difference in rare coins. After having been honored as the graduating college physics student with the highest academic achievement, Steve then attended the University of Minnesota graduate school while moonlighting at a coin shop. Deciding that his future should involve numismatics rather than Newton’s Laws, Steve borrowed $5,000 and opened his own coin shop in a Minneapolis suburb in 1975. Since then he has parlayed his childhood hobby into one of the most well-respected rare coin firms in the world.


With over $2 billion in United States rare coin transactions, Steve has acquired, managed and sold the finest quality, historically significant coins. Contursi made international headlines in March 2004 when he unveiled new evidence about “Uncle Sam’s first buck” at the American Numismatic Association’s headquarters. The Neil/Carter/Contursi specimen 1794 Flowing Hair dollar is believed by many experts to be the very first silver dollar struck by the U.S. Mint, a truly historic national treasure - a coin that represented an economic declaration of independence for the young United States. Steve loaned his famous coin to the ANA Money Museum in Colorado where tens of thousands of visitors have viewed it there and on exhibits around the country until he sold it in May 2010 for a then-world record price of $7.85 million.


After holding executive positions and founding several prominent rare coin and precious metals companies, Steve founded S.L. Contursi, Inc. in 1991 and 10 years later founded the Rare Coin Wholesalers division in 2001. Combining his management skills and numismatic expertise, Steve and his family have built one of the country’s most well respected rare coin firms, which serves as a resource for the industry and custodian of many of our national treasures.


Steve and his wife Seanne’s other passion is food and wine. In the early stages of their romance in the mid-1980s, the couple traveled through Bordeaux and fell in love with the culture of phenomenal food and wine. Since then, they have fulfilled their dream of producing world class wine in Napa Valley, garnering widespread acclaim for their Arrow&Branch wine. While sharing an adventurous life filled with entrepreneurial success, Steve and Seanne take the most pride in their 5 children whom they have raised to respect the hard work that it takes to achieve success in life and to always pursue their passions.